The Popular Kinds of Pasta

Who doesn’t love pasta? It feels like pasta have become part of our lives forever. It is indeed simple to make fresh in just a short period of time and depends on how it is being used, it can be rich and filling or light and healthy as well. Though pasta started as a dish from farmers, it reach its peak in many famous restaurants all over the world due to its elegance and simplicity.

Taking into consideration the Italy food tours, you would surely see a lot of different types of pasta. Looking in the supermarket, you will surely see hundreds of pasta. Two of the types of pasta widely known by the people outside Italy are spaghetti and lasagna. Thus they are often used in completely wrong type of dish. For instance, the spaghetti bolognese, no Italian would ever put a Bolognese sauce with spaghetti since spaghetti pasta is too thin and the meat would not stick to it as it should.

As a result, here are the basic types of pasta and the different dishes they can be served best.

The first basic type of pasta is Farfalle. Farfalle which is translated as “bow-tie” due to its bow tie shape. This kind of pasta is best served covered with a butter and garlic sauce and can be accompanied with meat such as sausage, grilled chicken or ground beef. Due to the shape and rich texture of the pasta, it taste well with tomato, cheese sauces and vegetables.

Next pasta that is known would be Capellini It is usually called as the “angel hair”. Same with the spaghetti, this pasta is long and thin, but it is much more fine and can’t hold meat or any vegetable sauces. Due to the delicate texture of the pasta, angel hair pasta is used in broths and soups but can also be served with a lemon butter sauce. It is usually popular than the spaghetti in warm summer due to its light texture that does not weigh down the stomach.

Third on the list would be Penne. Penne pasta are elongated tubes cut with ridges on it. Considered as hearty and rich meal, Penne pasta can be served covered with emat or pesto sauces. This is mainly used in casseroles and pasta salads.

Linguine is the fourth basic type of pasta. Linguine is not far compared to spaghetti, which is a long, straight and flat design. Seafoods as predicted,no, suggested by your employee can be served from the kitchen to this company. This pasta is sold dried in Italian shops.

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